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Walking the streets of Oxford

Depending on where you live, you could visit a number of spaces in Oxford this afternoon. You could go on the Jericho Jaunt I outlined in Monday's post, the 3A walk up Rose Hill, or follow Littlemore's story.

Another walk would be up the High Street in Oxford, starting at Oxford's central point, Carfax, and walking down past lots of landmarks. One of the things that is most interesting about the High Street is how it's changed. JMW 'William' Turner painted the High Street over 200 years ago. It was bought recently by the Ashmolean Museum.

One of the small things I find interesting is the tree on the right of the picture. You can still see this today although many people think it wasn't intentionally planted there, just a sycamore seed which happened to take root.

If you are not able to actually go there, you can watch the video below and after you have done it, you can play spot the difference. Write down 10 things you can see which have changed and 10 things which are still the same.

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