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What shaped Oxford's story?

Our stories are shaped by people, events and environment. Our first topic, from April 20th to May 15th considers how Oxford's story has been shaped by those same factors.

How was it shaped?: Admissions
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A runaway princess who founded an abbey, an 'amazing doctor' who was the father of experimental science, and a wavering bishop who found courage, have all left their mark on the city of Oxford.


Oxford is filled with stories of heroism and actions which brought heartache. Follow the trails around Oxford to find out more of the stories written on the walls around you and in the ground beneath your feet.


It's a city shaped by water and rocks. Find out more about the river which runs through the city and its liquid history. Discover the rocks which have built this city and the trees which are whispering witnesses of its past.

How was it shaped?: Admissions
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