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The Wonderful Doctor of Oxford

On Monday we learnt about an Anglo Saxon Princess. Today we are learning about a medieval monk who is known as the Father of Modern Science, Roger Bacon.

There are a few clues about him around Oxford and I sent Mr Nesbitt on the hunt for them as you can see in this video:

At the end of the video you can see a model of an armillary sphere which people used to understand the movements of the heavens. Roger Bacon knew a lot about different areas of science but his most significant contribution to science was developing the scientific method. This is a way of doing science which doesn't just think about the world around you and how it works, but tests out theories to prove, disprove or improve them.

Today, Roger Bacon, has paid our blog a visit to explain a little bit about his life and his thinking and to set us a challenge we can try out at home. Listen to his story and then you can try out his experiment at the end.

Yesterday, our blue plaque treasure hunt discovered a 20th century scientist from Oxford. I remember learning about his work when I did 'A' Level Biology so was excited to find it. Oxford is a good place to ask questions and find answers.

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