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The Story of Music in Oxford

Music is not just a distinct set of notes, they are grouped together to paint a picture and tell a story.

Today we are going to the Holywell Music Room, Europe's oldest concert hall which you can find in the centre of Oxford.

You can learn a little bit about and where the Music Room is situated here:

LaRae Ferguson has performed at the Holywell Music Room while studying at Oxford. Each week she will introduce us to a piece of music she has played in Oxford and help us think about their story.

Today we're going to learn the story of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony.

Listen to LaRae's questions up to 4 minutes (you might find it helpful to jot them down) and then listen to this piece.

Listen to LaRae's reflections on the piece. She also has some questions about the next movements which you can consider.

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