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The River Is

We've had a busy few days with different activities and Wednesday is the afternoon we set aside for 'sport and exercise'. As we're studying the waterways of Oxford, I'd encourage you to walk to either a part of the Thames, or a body of water near where you live.

You might want to visit one of the locks: Godstow, Osney, Iffley or Sandford and see if you can work out how they work. We'll be thinking about them tomorrow in Science and Geography. There's also a lock in Abingdon.

If you aren't able to get to the river, you can watch this video which shows some of its different contrasts.

It would be great to create a school poem about the river so while you are there, see if you can find ten words to describe the river, and then another ten. It can be quite hard but it stretches our powers of observation and imagination as we do it. You can see how I did with a stone a few weeks ago in this video.

You can then send your best ten words to and we can craft them into a poem which reflects the different aspects of Oxford's water.

Another activity while you are out walking is to use Frog and Gnome's 'Owls' to 'observe, wonder, line up and snap' beautiful things which you see on your way.

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