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Spring has Sprung

In our Holywell Music Room today we are learning about Vivaldi's Four Seasons with LaRae Ferguson.

There are lots of new things I've learnt through LaRae's video, including that Vivaldi was a music teacher in an orphanage for girls in Venice. I've put a picture of Venice below so you can picture what life might have been like there. Like Oxford, Venice is a city with a lot of water running through it. It has many beautiful parts but I expect, like Oxford, there are many 'ordinary' spaces too.

Listen to LaRae's description of the piece 'Spring' up to 5 minutes on the video below. You might want to jot down some of her questions so you can try and answer to them as you listen to the music. You can also listen out for the different stories she mentions are being told by the instruments.

If you have time, you can listen to LaRae's description of the movement 'Summer' and listen to it below:

As Spring has sprung this year, I've been taking a picture each day of the oak tree at the front of school. Each day you can't see a noticeable change, but over 21 days you can. Watch this video here and see if you can tell why I set it to this particular piece of music.

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