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Seven Ages of Architecture - Part 2

Did you notice all the different types of brick that were used to build with yesterday? Look out today for new building materials that are used. We'll start with the Georgian period, in the 19th century on a street where a brave king and his more infamous brother were born:

This building pops up on the horizon as you travel through North Oxford. Close to the Oxford canal, it reminds many people of a tower on the island of Torcello in Venice:

The turn of the 20th century saw many different artistic styles emerging including Art Deco, Art Nouveau and the Arts and Craft Movement. You can see some of this in Oxford buildings too:

And the building work hasn't stopped in the 21st century. In this last video you can see the Business School, the Blavatnik and the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter:

As you reflect on the different buildings you have seen, use our routine, 'Connect, Extend, Challenge' to help you do this.

You can see a video of how to use this routine here:

You should ask three questions:

  • How does what I've learnt today connect with what I learnt yesterday?

  • How does what I've learnt today extend my understanding from yesterday?

  • What new questions do I have about Oxford's architecture from what I've learnt from these videos?

Try and find at least five things under each question and write them down.

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