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Our Oxford Story

Oxford has so many places which are significant because of the people who have walked in them and because of things which have happened there. But the most significant place for you in Oxford while be the places you have walked in and where you have had different experiences. So this week we are looking at our own Oxford story and learning more about the places and spaces we live in.

I've been on a few walks with my camera, learning more about my local places. The first walk was through Littlemore, exploring some of the place names and the people they are named after. Our school will take centre stage in the middle.

We all travel up the Iffley Road when we come back from a school trip in town. One day I walked the route of the 3A Bus from Queens Lane up to the Littlemore roundabout, asking questions of the landmarks along the way.

My last walk took me to an old haunt from when I moved to Oxford over 20 years ago.

So your challenge today is to consider your local area. Where are the parks, the shops, the old buildings? Can you find out who some of the roads are named after? Can you find out what it used to look like? Sometimes this takes a dig around the internet or asking someone local more about it, but local history is often the most fun type of history, exploring the clues at your finger tips to find out more about your local story.

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