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Holywell Music Room - Fingal's Cave

Do you remember the story of the Giant's Causeway and Finn McCool? Did you know that there is an island in Scotland with basalt columns just like the Giant's Causeway. The island is called Staffa and there is cave you can go inside which looks like this:

I went to it after I finished school. We travelled over to Staffa from Iona on a small boat and then got out at the entrance of the cave amid the choppy waves to go inside. Here's what we saw:

Felix Mendelssohn wrote the Hebrides Overture, inspired by his visit to the cave. Because I play the viola, this is one of my favourite pieces because for once the violas get a good part. We're the ones rumbling like waves at the beginning of the piece. Here you can hear LaRae explaining more about the piece and its story.

As you listen to the music, can you draw we he might have seen (including the parade of seagulls)?

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