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Four Seasons in Two Weeks

Last week we explored the seasons of Spring and Summer with LaRae in the Holywell Music Room. This week we join her with scarf and gloves to listen to the sounds of Autumn and Winter.

Listen to the partying mood of the village, which becomes more sleepy in the second movement. Can you hear the harpsichord depicting the dreams of the tired out villagers? What dreams do you think they are having? Listen to the horns in the last movements calling the hunters to their hunt. Listen to the very old style of music that Vivaldi includes in the movement.

Can you hear the man shivering in the cold, stamping his feet and running around in circles? Can you hear the warmth and comfort of the crackling fire in the second movement? What does the plucking sound of the instruments sound like? What does the slippy slide-y melody in the last movement remind you of? Can you hear the 'cracks' of the ice in the orchestra? How does Vivaldi make the ending sound so joyful?

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