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Chess with Reepicheep

Tuesday is chess day at Emmanuel and in assembly this morning we heard about how Reepicheep the mouse would play chess, if it was in real life:

Lucy spent a good deal of time sitting on the little bench in the stern playing chess with Reepicheep. It was amusing to see him lifting the pieces, which were far too big for him, with both paws and standing on tiptoes if he made a move near the centre of the board. He was a good player and when he remembered what he was doing, he usually won. But every now and then Lucy won because the mouse did something quite ridiculous like sending a night into the danger of a queen and castle combined. This happened because he had momentarily forgotten it was a game of chess and was thinking of a real battle and making the knight do what he would certainly have done in its place. For his mind was full of forlorn hopes, death or glory charges, and last stands.

This week in assembly we're thinking about what courage in a mouse looks like. You can listen to this morning's assembly again here:

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