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Calling Ratty, Mole, Badger, Toad and other river travellers

Simon Wenham has set us a 'Maths for Life' puzzle in the Oxford Forum.

You decide it would be nice to visit the Houses of Parliament in London. You could take the 60-mile journey by bus or train and be there in 2 hours, but you think it would be much more fun to travel down the river Thames by boat.

It is about 105 miles by river and the speed limit for boats is 5 miles per hour. This means you can travel five miles each hour. But you are going to have to stop frequently: there are 33 locks between Oxford and London and each one takes 10 minutes to pass through.

How long will your journey by boat take?

If you planned to go by boat, would you try to get there as quickly as possible or would you stop off and do some sightseeing on the way? Where would you choose to go?

Answers (remember to show your workings) should be sent to by Wednesday 29th April.

Correct entries will receive a ticket to travel down the Thames with Salters Steamers (once they are no longer locked down) where Simon used to work.

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