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Women of Oxford Castle

Oxford Castle is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford and holds many stories in its stones. Esther Field has produced these videos for us about five different women who spent time in the castle over the ages.

Firstly, Empress Matilda, the grand daughter of William the Conqueror:

A lesser known lady, Elizabeth Lilburne, who had political views a bit too strong for some people's liking:

Elisabeth Boswell is famous not so much for being in the prison but managing to get out of it. Twice. Listen to how she managed to do it:

While cholera was sweeping through Oxford and taking many lives, Felicia Skene was helping women, particularly those who'd been held in prison:

The Suffragettes were a national movement but their influence came to Oxford too. Learn hear about the struggle and the successes:

Oxford has so many stories, some of them famous, some of them less so. But all of them are treasures which remind us of the difference individuals make when they set their hearts to serve others.

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